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2020 English students may check google classroom for assignments.

2020 Science students should complete the following assignments: 

Science Classes (6th and 7th pds) Do a google search for IXL Science grade 6 and you can answer some questions each day.  When you miss a question please be sure to notice the correct answer and the explanation that is given.  It will be very helpful.  Be sure you enter under 6th grade and work on the following skills:

Y Natural Resources and Human Impact
1. Evaluate claims about natural resource use: groundwater
2. Evaluate claims about natural resource use: fossil fuels

Z Rocks and Minerals
1. Identify rocks and minerals
2. Label parts of the rock cycle
3. Select parts of the rock cycle

AA Plate Tectonics
1. Label Earth layers
2. Label Earth features at tectonic plate boundaries

The following are assignments from your Science Book and workbook. On workbook pages, choose at least one page from each section of the chapter.  (These assignments will also be shown in google classroom.)

April 6-10         Read Ch. 8 Earth Dynamics p.253-280  Complete workbook pages 74-81
April 13-17      Read Ch. 9 Earthquakes/Volcanoes p.293-314  Workbook p.84-91
April 20-24      Read Ch. 2 Earth Structure p.41-64     Workbook p.12-19
April 27-May 1    Read Ch. 4 Rocks p.111-122    Workbook p.32-41
May 4-8            Read Ch. 5 Weathering and Soil p.149-164  Workbook p.44-49 
May 11-15       Read Ch. 6 Erosion and Deposition p.177-200  Workbook p.52-61
May 18-22       Read Ch. 18 Natural Resources p.643-671   Workbook p.194-203

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