Classroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom Discipline Areas

The following is a list of discipline areas for the sixth grade students:

  • Failure to follow directions

  • Unprepared for class

  • Homework

  • Tardy for class

  • Disturbing class

  • Threatening/Harassment

  • Cheating

  • Refusal to Participate

  • Defiance of Authority/Disobedience

  • Turning around in seat/being out of seat

  • Failure to return required forms or reports

  • Profanity

If a student chooses to break a rule, there will be consequences.  Different violations will result in different consequences.  Typical consequences include:  warning, writing assignments, break detention, classroom chores, parent contact, and disciplinary write-up.  
Any student wishing to go on a field trip must be in "good standing" at SMS which includes regarding grades, attendance, continual minor discipline problems, and failure to comply with any other classroom or school directives.

Disciplinary notices will be given by SMS administrators in the following areas:  absences, possession of alcohol/drugs/tobacco/weapons, dress code, theft, unauthorized use of cell phones or electronics, bus behavior.



Classroom Procedures


Students are encouraged to use restroom facilities between classes and during breaks.  A student that must go during class is required to have a restroom pass.   


You are expected to complete all class and homework assignments in a timely manner.  You are not prepared for class if you come without completed assignments.  


Each day we will line up for lunch at the end of 3rd period. No items, with the exception of your lunch, may be carried into the lunchroom.  All items will be put in your locker on the way to lunch. You will sit at your assigned table, eat quietly, clean-up, and take your plate to the garbage when you are finished.  

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be sent at mid-nine weeks and report cards will be sent at the end of the nine weeks.  You are required to have both reports signed and returned to school promptly.


If you are absent, you need to make up the work you missed.  It is YOUR responsibility to ask the teacher for make-up work.


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