Lab Safety Contract

Lab Safety Contract

Science is a hands-on laboratory class. However, science activities may have potential hazards. We will use some equipment and animals that may be dangerous if not handled properly. Safety in the science classroom is an important part of the scientific process. To ensure a safe classroom, a list of rules has been developed and is called the Science Safety Contract. These rules must be followed at all times. Additional safety instructions will be given for each activity. No science student will be allowed to participate in science activities until the Safety Contract Acknowledgement form has been signed by both the student and a parent or guardian and is on file with the teacher.

As I learn to be a good investigator I need to be organized, clean, and act safely in the classroom. I will not engage in behavior that is disruptive or dangerous or that interferes with another student's right to learn. In the laboratory I promise to:

  1. Be prepared: I will give my full attention to the instructions for each experiment and make sure I understand them before beginning the experiment. I will work only in my assigned space.


  2. Respect equipment: I will carefully utilize the different instruments as they are intended to be used to carry out scientific activities. I will immediately report any damaged or broken instruments or equipment to the teacher.


  3. Complete the experiment: I will wait until the teacher authorizes me to begin the experiment. I will follow the steps of the procedure in the correct order and I will not carry out steps beyond what is indicated.


  4. Observed really cold I will listen and I will observe calmly and silently to learn as much as possible.


  5. Investigate carefully: I will follow all written and oral instructions. I will wait until I receive my teacher's permission to begin a lab activity.


  6. Be safe: I will protect my eyes, face, and hands while performing lab activities by wearing safety goggles and, when needed, gloves or other protective gear as directed by my teacher. I will follow any additional safety instructions given by my teacher.


  7. Record results: as I work, I will record my observations and measurements in my science notebook or my student sheet.


  8. Clean up: I will clean the instruments used in the experiment after I have finished. I will clean my work area and I will wash my hands.


  9. Report accidents: I will immediately notify the teacher of any accident, injury, or dangerous situation that occurs in the laboratory to ensure everyone's safety.