Discipline Plan

Mrs. Stone's Class Discipline Plan     


  • Follow Directions and all School Rules
  • No Swearing, Teasing, or Put Downs
  • Be Seated and Working When the Bell Rings
  • Absolutely No Gum, Food, or Drinks in the Classroom 
  • Cell Phones are Not to be used During Class
  • Bring Necessary Materials to Class Each Day



  • Bonus Points
  • Free Time
  • Notes/Calls Home
  • Music



  • First Occurrence -    Warning
  • Second Occurrence- Last Out and Conversation
  • Third Occurrence-    Break Detention/Sentences
  • Fourth Occurrence-  Parent Contact and Sentences or Writing Prompt 
  • Fifth Occurrence–    Parent Contact and Referral to Administrator*



Fighting, Vandalism, Overt Defiance, Actions that Stop the Class from Functioning

  • Immediate Referral to Administrator*

*Administrator:  There are only three reasons I would send a student to the Administration

  1. The student has reached the fifth consequence
  2. The student has committed an infraction for which the school requires a referral 
  3. The student has committed a Severe Infraction