Classroom Rules

Classroom Expectations and Rules

  1. Be Respectful

    To have a positive learning community, all students and staff will respect one another, as well as school equipment. Don’t talk while others are talking (peers or teachers). Use appropriate language.

  2. Be Safe

    Students will follow lab safety procedures (we will go over in class).

    Students will not touch another student, or their belongings.

  3. Be Responsible

    Clean up after yourself, keep track of your things, ask questions, actively participate, keep track of your progress in class, and stay on task.

  4. Be Prepared

    Come to class ready to learn! Have your notebook out, pencil in hand and homework completed.

  5. No Electronics!!!

    Students are not allowed to have any cell phones, iPods, earphones, etc.  If a student does have a cell phone, it must be kept off and out of sight. Please read student handbook for consequences of breaking this rule. Students are allowed to use school phones with permission. 



Should a student choose to not cooperate with the class rules the following will occur:

1-Verbal Warning

2- Student will be moved within the classroom and parent will be notified.

3-Detention and parent will be notified

4- Administrative referral and parent will be notified.



Should a student display exemplary behavior and participation, the following may be rewarded:  Prizes, special privileges, and praise.

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