7th Grade Life Science Syllabus    

Sardis High School 2020/2021

Teacher: Mrs. Tucker

Textbooks:  Life Science

(McGraw/Hill, AMSTI)

Room: 101                                                 

Contact Information:


School phone: 256-622-1120 



Grading Scale: 100-90-A, 89-80-B, 79-70-C, 69-60-D, below 60-F

The above scale will give the assigned letter grade to their percentage in the course. Test will account for 60% of the total grade, classwork and class participation 30%, homework 10% for a total of 100%. The point system will be used in determining the student’s grade (possible points divide by points earned).


Supplies: Students will need a 1-inch three ring binder, 4-6 packages of loose-leaf paper, 1 lined composition notebook, pencils or blue/black ink pens, colored pencils, one roll of paper towels, one box of Kleenex, and a $20.00 classroom donation would greatly be appreciated. This money will be used for lab supplies and equipment to ensure hands-on learning opportunities.

It is the student’s responsibility to bring these items to class everyday.


Textbook: Each student will be issued a textbook that they may use for the school year.    Note: Any vandalism of any kind will result in student paying for a new copy of the textbook.  The materials covered will include the Human Body Systems from Aug. until Dec. and Micro to Macro from Jan. until May.


Homework: Homework will be assigned as needed.  Many times, homework will consist of reading sections of the textbook for the following day’s topic.  I will never assign work over a holiday break and rarely for the weekends.  These times are for students to be with families and friends so that they come back to school refreshed and ready to learn.


Absences: If a student is absent from class, they are responsible for all class material that they miss.  They will need to find out from group members or partners about what material/handouts they missed.  Students have 2 days to turn in work from the day they missed.  All students are responsible for collecting handouts for a missing group member. 


Tardiness: If a student is not in his/her seat when the bell rings, they are tardy and must sign in by the door. The first tardy will be forgiven, for any additional tardy I will follow the Etowah Student Handbook rules for consequences. It is crucial that we are all on time to class so that we can take full advantage of the little class time we have.

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