Classroom Rules and Procedures

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Basic School Information:

*Attendance:  Please realize the importance of attendance and review the policy in the school handbook.  If your child is absent, they have 3 school days to bring in a note signed by a parent OR a doctor’s excuse.  If no excuse is given, work may not be made up.


Start of school bell rings at 7:35.  The tardy bell rings at 7:40.  That means students should be in their classrooms, ready to learn at 7:40.  If your child arrives by car, please bring him or her early enough to allow time for them to make it to class on time.

Class dismisses for bus riders at 2:45.  Class dismisses for car riders at 2:50.


Science – Earth Science (Holt)

Lunchroom:  Please make sure your child has lunch money every day.  Remember, you may prepay into the lunch account as much and as often as you’d like.

Breakfast is available from 7:20 to 7:40. Breakfast may be paid from the same account as lunch.


If a child needs prescription medication while at school, a form must be completed by the doctor, and the medication must be brought to school by the parent.

If a child needs other medications that are to be given by the nurse, the parent must complete a form and bring in the medication in a new, sealed package.

Students are not allowed to self-medicate for any reason. No cough drops, aspirin, breath spray, etc.

What to Expect on a Weekly/Daily Basis in my Classroom:


We begin each chapter by defining the vocabulary words, then we work on the study guide.  Sometimes we work independently, sometimes with partners or small groups, and sometimes it is a lecture format.  There will be a vocabulary test a few days into the chapter, then a chapter test at the end.


I will not sugar coat this. The first few weeks of school the students will have a difficult time adjusting to the workload in my classroom. They will have to learn to adapt and get as much work completed during class time as possible. Many students have difficulty with this at the beginning of the year. There is very little time to talk or goof off with the amount of activities that will be assigned daily. Students need to be focused and prepared in order to get it all completed. If they do not finish an activity in class, it then becomes homework.  I expect homework to be completed each day.

Study for tests in all subjects as needed.  Encourage your child to review notes and study nightly rather than waiting until one night before a test.

I teach using a mixture of independent, small group, and partner activities. I do not give a lot of homework; however, if you child decides to not use his or her time wisely during class, expect homework. I do not give more than I think they will need to succeed and truly learn the material.


Classroom Procedures

*Sharpen pencils each morning.

*Put your number on top right corner of every paper.

*ALWAYS use PENCIL in class assignments and homework.

*Use your red pen for grading.

*Stay seated and do not talk to neighbors unless you are told you may.

*Keep desk and floor clear.

*You are allowed four restroom sign-outs per nine weeks. This is in addition to the 3 “free”
times per day, which are before 7:35, break 
time, and right after lunch. ABSOLUTELY NO signing out during tests or during instruction.

*Do not sit on desks.

I have high expectations for my students. I expect them to be organized, on task, well mannered, respectful (to me and others), as well as have a great attitude! We only have 9 months together, and I want to make the most of it! I look forward to getting to know your child, and helping him or her realize his or her full potential like never before! In order to do that, I must have a “Can Do Attitude” from your child and support from home.

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