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All textbooks need to be returned as soon as possible so we can complete inventory. I have 12 American History books out, 4 anthology books, and 5 workshop books. Please get them back to school!

May 11 - 15, 2020     9 AM - noon 
May 12 & 19   4 PM - 6 PM 
May 18 - 21   9 AM - noon
Turn in paper packets, textbooks, & ChromeBooks
Bring to front entrance lobby.
No one will be allowed to enter the main building.
If you need locker contents, teachers will bring items to you.

Thursday, April 30, 2020
Ok, everyone! Listen up! Breaking news alert!!
At 5:00 today Social Studies Classrooms will close! You are finished!     
  You are FREE!

Don't stress over what didn't get finished. It's okay. Participation was great!
On-line learning has been a challenge for all of us and I appreciate the hard work you have done. I know it's been frustrating for many of you and I'm sorry I couldn't resolve the problems with the videos. It appears the video issue is not just us, but county-wide.
I love teaching, but in a classroom, not on a computer!
To those of you that I have had in class the last five months - thank-you! It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope you learned some history and reading along the way.
To all 6th graders - I wish you the best next year and going forward. Take care of yourself. Stay safe. Be the best you can be. ~wm

April 26
Unless I have sent you an email, do not send any more assignments on Chapter 13. I have graded everything that was turned in and we
 are moving on to Chapter 14. You will read about JFK's dealings with the Peace Corps, Fidel Castro, the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the space race, and his promise to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. Then you will read about President Johnson and the escalation (sending more soldiers) in Vietnam and the election of President Nixon and the end of the war in Vietnam. 
All assignments are to be done through Google Classroom.

Update Friday, April 17
Ok! We have finished Chapter 13. Those who have been participating have done a pretty good job! I thank you for the hard work. Because the storm caused power and internet problems, some of which are still not fixed, and the possibility of more storms this Sunday, we are going to slow it down and take a deep breath!
Chapter 13 assignments should be completed by next Friday - April 24th !!!
Hope this gives time for those who haven't started to get on board!
Next assignments will post April 27th. Relax and/or catch up on other class assignments. ~wm

Update April 10 My original plans were to post the first social studies assignment on Monday; however, after the deluge of emails after Mrs. Morton posted her reading assignment, I posted the assignment for Chapter 13 Section 1 yesterday. It is due by my bedtime on Monday! My intent is to use a different format for Section 2 if I can get it figured out so everything works correctly. I will post the next assignment by Monday in some format.

Update April 8 - Everyone should have received an email invite to Mr. Smith's social studies Classrooms. Mr. Smith's reading students should have received an email invite to Mrs. Morton's reading Classroom.

Remember to pick up textbooks and workbooks tomorrow between 9-11. Books will be handed to you in your car. Other items in your locker will be available at a later date.

Update April 7 - 6th grade teachers pulled textbooks from lockers today. If you do not have your American History, Science, or Math books you need to be at SMS on Thursday, April 9 between 9 and 11 a.m. to get your books. You needs these textbooks and workbooks to complete assignments.

Reading books are no needed for assignments. If your books were in your locker, they have been turned in to your teacher. If you have these books at home, you may turn them in on Thursday.
Also, any library books at home need to be returned Thursday.

Update April 6
- if you DID NOT take your American History textbook home March 13 as instructed, you will be able to pick up your book Thursday, April 9 between 9 and 11 only. You may bring your reading books back to school on this same day if you are coming for a paper packet, history book, or ChromeBook.

 If you have any questions, email me at the address above and I will do my best to provide an answer! We are all in a new reality and I will do the best I can to make sure you have covered lessons we would have completed together in class. I can't talk about it as I normally do, but you will cover the standards required for 6th grade. You will use your textbook and submit answers on Chapters 13-16 sections, there will be links to videos which will also have a couple of questions to answer, and you may have to write a short report on a variety of topics, but there are no Open Book Tests!!
I will host a chat once a week, but I will tell you more about that soon (after I figure it out!). We are about to cover a great part of our American History.   We're off on a wonderful new adventure - stay healthy!

If you have access to the internet and a device (tablet, Chromebook, laptop, desktop computer), you will be able to complete all reading activities digitally. 
 If you do not have access to the internet or do not have a device, you will need to pick up a 6th grade Reading/Social Studies paper packet at the school on Thursday, April 9 from 9-11 a.m. This will be the only opportunity to pick up the packets. Mr. Royal and Mr. Brannon will document who gets a packet. No one will be allowed inside the school.

All 6th grade Social Studies class assignments will be on Mr. Smith's Google Classroom. If you have Mrs. Morton for Social Studies, sign in for her class period on Mr. Smith's Classroom. 

All 6th grade Reading assignments:  check Mrs. Morton's  webpage for directions about her Google Classroom. You will also be using the Scholastic Magazine link.

Name: Larry Don Smith
Subject: Reading & Social Studies
Grade: Sixth

Hi there! My name is Don Smith. My education has been a mixture of traditional course work and real-life work experience. My traditional course work was achieved at Gadsden High School, Gadsden State Community College, Jacksonville State University, and the University of Alabama. I earned a bachelor degree in education from Jacksonville State University. I earned a masters, educational specialist, and doctorate degrees in educational leadership from the University of Alabama. My real-life work experience consists of 22 years of work for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. 

I am married to Rebecca Skipper Smith who is an elementary school teacher at Hokes Bluff Elementary. We have two sons, two daughters-in-law, three grandsons and one granddaughter. 

I teach the older men’s Sunday School Class at my Church, North Glencoe Baptist and I also serve as a deacon/elder. Some of my hobbies include restoring vintage automobiles and carpentry work. 

I love children and I love seeing them learn. My goal in teaching is to open up all the opportunities available to each child while caring for them as individuals.



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